Partnership with Second Life + FrowResource

Samco Services partnership with Second Life Community Shop and FrowResource Forest Row

Forest Row Tip was closed in 2018 at the detriment to the local residents of Forest Row. Some of the local residents quickly realised that this meant added travel time all the way to Maresfield to dispose of their waste so got together to create a working group working in conjunction with Forest Row Parish Council, this later become known as FrowResource. Not only this, they also lost their local reuse shop.

In late 2018, Samco Services entered into discussions with Forest Row Parish Council and FrowResource to see if we could all do something together to reopen some sort of reuse/recycling centre for the local residents.

This developed into a pop up event in November 2019 ran at the old tip site in Station Road, Forest Row. Residents were able to bring metal, cardboard, small electricals, wood and textiles where Samco Services ran the waste management side of the operation and FrowResource ran a pop up reuse shop.

Some useful facts from the Popup Weekend:

  • 351 visitors over the two days (which considering the adverse conditions on Saturday, was excellent)
  • 151 vehicles
  • In total, over 3.5 tonnes were recyled with 0% going to landfill
  • 932 kilos of Scrap Metal recovered
  • 1.24 tonnes of Wood
  • 0.9 tonnes of Cardboard
  • 500 kilos of Textiles
  • £300+ in donations against re-use items handed in and taken away
  • Great community atmosphere

The pandemic then hit which put the project onto a back burner. A further event was then carried out in July 2021 where a metal recycling day was held and residents could bring their metal. Samco Services handled the waste management side of the day and the metal was recycled with the value going back into FrowResource.

Some useful facts from the metal popup day:

  • 80 cars dropping off accumulated and unwanted metal
  • 2.5 tonnes of metal recycled
  • An estimate of 1450 miles of car emissions saved that would have polluted our beloved Ashdown Forest
  • £450 donated towards FrowResource
  • Fun and community strengthening day for residents of all ages that were involved

In 2022, it was sadly announced that the old tip site was sold to an outside bidder and further pop ups/recycling days at this site was not to be. FrowResource, not an organisation to be deterred, (our admiration for FrowResource knows no boundaries, every wall put up in front of them has been metaphorically smashed through) then secured a lease on a shop in Forest Row Village itself, where Second Life was born. This shop is a community shop where local residents can drop off donations to the fantastic team at Second Life with the money going back into the local community.

Samco Services are looking to support FrowResource and Second Life going onwards in which ever way we can, this will include regular donations from ourselves with reusable textiles from clearances and any other items we think can come in use. We share very similar ethics and are very strong supporters of Reuse and Recycle looking to build towards a more sustainable future for further generations.

You can find the Second Life shop at 14/15 Hartfield Road, Forest Row and also follow them on Facebook.




Partnership with Second Life + FrowResource Samco Services Partnership with Second Life + FrowResource Samco Services